The Dana House by Ulrich Franzen

By : Dennis Franklin | 6 Jan 2015 9:30 pm | Homes

The Dana House located in New Caanan, Connecticut was designed by the architect Ulrich Franzen with a mid-century aesthetic that became quite popular in the region since it protects the inhabitants from the neighbors while also integrating well into the landscape.

The main material used is exposed brick and wood was added to balance the rough texture. The house spreads over a surface of 528 square meters and is reminiscent of the brutalist aesthetic with white walls, panels, and rafters made from wood.

There are five bedrooms and a single study along with four and a half bathrooms. The predominant ambiance inside is that of the mid-century since the house was built in 1963 and it has a surrounding private site of more than nine acres. The designer died in 2012 and the house went on the market in 2013, offering a characteristic style for the views of Ulrich as well as a “fortress like” retreat.


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