Daeyang Gallery by Steven Holl

By : Dennis Franklin | 10 Sep 2015 4:51 pm | Homes, Other

This project already received a lot of awards such as the “Annual Design Review Award”, the “Emirates Glass Leaf Award 2012”, the “AIA NY Honor Award” and the “A+ Award 2013” and after a quick look at the pictures we will soon understand why.

The project is for a residential house and private art gallery and was designed by the practice of Steven Holl on the hills in the Kangbuk section of Seoul, Korea. The geometry of the design is inspired by a sketch made by the composer Istvan Anhalt for a music score and discovered by the author in a book by John Cage.

There are three pavilions, one for the entrance, one hosting the residence and the other one is the event space with a sheet of water as the plane of reference. The interiors are made from red and charcoal stained wood with strips of glass lenses in the base of the pool to give life to the wooden interior and the white plaster walls and granite floor.

The exterior is made from custom patinated copper as rain screen which will age naturally with the landscape and there are also sustainable elements in the design ensuring the heating and cooling through the aid of geothermal wells.



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