The Cyclops by NIO architecten

By : Dennis Franklin | 12 Sep 2014 9:19 pm | Other

The NIO architecten practice was commissioned in 2001 to design 12 sound barrier houses located on the road from Diependaal, Noord, The Netherlands as a part of a soundproof embankment in an exclusive residential district residing in the Hilversum woods.

The site isn’t very welcoming, but the impressive design of the house brought customers to the project so the accommodation was a solved problem several years before finishing the structures. The noise level was reduced due to the screen of houses and this permitted the rest of the Diependaal urban plan to be developed.

The darker back side of the plot was cantilevered out of the living area on the first floor level and a terrace replaced the need for a garden. The collective housing project was entitled the Cyclops due to the single floor to ceiling window which extends above the entrance to provide a view from the living area, so there is a single “eye” looking ahead.


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