Cultural Center in Castelo Branco by Josep Lluís Mateo

By : Dennis Franklin | 17 Dec 2013 6:46 pm | Other

The Cultural Center in Castelo Branco was designed by the architect Josep Lluis Mateo in 2013 and it is located in Devesa, Portugal with a topography inspired by the movement of the water.

The project was built by pedreiros and it follows an abtract pattern with a frozen water base that forms a skating rink. The project tries to interact with the Plaza next to it by turning the old town into a cultural beacon for the city.

Since the site is sloped leading to the castle, the designers use the topography to form crosswise strips that give rise to the central space of the project. The Cultural Center floats on two piles above the plaza in a manner similar to that of a bridge to leave the ground level free for the ice-skating rink.

The Center has a wooden façade that contrasts the zinc-clad reinforced concrete present on the suspended volume to generate a dynamic and open aesthetic.



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