Cozy one bedroom Watergate Apartment in Washington

By : Mark V | 29 Nov 2012 6:34 pm | Apartments, Interiors

This lovely Watergate Apartment is located in Washington DC and it was beautifully renovated by Robert Gurney Architect. The designer of this one bedroom apartment is Luigi Moretti, an Italian architect who’s well known for his unique ideas.

The apartment spreads over 1,250 square feet on the fourteenth floor of the Watergate complex, a perfect position for stunning views to the Potomac river. Thanks to its large windows a lot of natural light fills the apartment during the day and goes really well with the soft, neutral tones. Everything was changed here, from floor to ceilings.

The apartment is now more open, looks more spacious and a lot more modern and luxurious. The furniture is mainly finished in contrasting colors, black and white, that make this apartment look classy and refined. A custom made wine rack is another attraction of this apartment, a focal point in the kitchen.

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