Cozy and comfortable two level loft in Madrid

By : Mark V | 26 Nov 2011 10:15 pm | Apartments, Interiors

Fernando Tapia and Monica Andina designed this loft that can be found in Madrid, Spain. It`s a two-leveled space and the design renders the sense of comfort, with a casual and elegant style. At a first glance ,the elements of décor have the Spanish national colours ,but it`s not a traditional loft.

The idea of originality comes with the fact that the place is adorned with objects that are very artistic.Although the main idea was to design a functional loft,the designers also chose to combine usefulness with creativity-and the loft doesn`t seem crowded,there`s balance even if there is contrast in designs.

The loft and the space is split into two levels,the first level being mad eof the kitchen,dining room and living room.The second level has the bedroom and the materials used for the loft combine concrete and metal that fits the colorful design and the furniture that is designed to reveal a touch of vintage.

The portraits, pictures and other elements of décor make the artistic corner of the loft.There is not a specific theme ,the art represented in the apartment varies from playful to dynamic and dramatic.

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