Covent Garden by Kelly Hoppen MBE

By : Dennis Franklin | 2 May 2016 4:37 am | Apartments

The Covent Garden residential project consists of a luxurious apartment designed by the Kelly Hoppen MBE studio and it is located in London, England next to the Covent Garden Market, in a Grade II listed building that used to be a hospital.

The apartment covers two floors and the reception room has a double height with a glamorous design that maximizes the feeling of light and space. Spreading over a surface of 2500 square feet, the apartment also contains four bedrooms and three bathrooms with a predominantly monochrome color palette that is the signature style of Kelly Hoppen with elegant textures and a lot of layers.

The different spaces are connected through two metal ribbons running from the entrance stairs all the way up to the mezzanine and along the corridors. The living area hosts three seating areas around a central dining table and each one of them serves a different function to benefit from the different light during certain times of the day and a series of four chandeliers emphasize the sensation of space even further.



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