Country Zash Boutique Hotel by Antonio Iraci

By : Dennis Franklin | 7 Aug 2013 4:41 pm | Hotels & Spas

Combining the old and the new, the Country Zash Boutique Hotel is a restoration project done by the architect Antonio Iraci in the eastern side of Sicily, Italy.

The original purpose of the building was that of a winery and after a lot of modifications it became a classic and stylish vacation resort surrounded by a splendid natural countryside environment.

There are several historical sides of the building that were left untouched so that the project reminds us of the best parts of the past while also providing the comforts of modern design. There are glass walls permitting the sun to enter and connecting the interior with the natural surroundings and you can also see one of the bedrooms completely enclosed in transparent walls.

The interior is highly modern with a light neutral palette and a minimalist design which opts for a variety of textures rather that a diversity of colors so that wood and concrete complete the older stone structure.



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