Cool Parisian Art-Deco Styled Loft

By : Mark V | 26 Oct 2011 11:18 pm | Apartments, Interiors

This place is a cornucopia of artistic elements. Like the title of this article, the main style of design falls under art-deco style and the loft hosts many objects of art that are attributed to famous artists and designers. The interior differs from corner to corner.The sculptures are unusual,the colours are shockingly bright and the combinations reveal the originality of the artists.

Another element of décor is the fact that many clocks adorn the place. The pieces of furniture are art-deco,but they do have a futuristic touch.The entire place looks as if it was depicting Salvador Dali`s style-it bears the print of being surrealistic. Various combinations of designs and styles offer a dazzling aspect of the overall design,making it hard to be forgotten.

The vases are funny looking,there is a pink hippo that sleeps on the floor,the bath is shaped like a boat –every little décor element makes the loft be craved by many.


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