Contemporary by the River by Tiago Patricio Rodrigues

By : Dennis Franklin | 3 Mar 2014 6:35 pm | Apartments

The Tiago Patricio Rodrigues architectural practice designed this private residence in Parques das Nacoes, Lisbon, Portugal and it is called Contemporary by the River due to its modern style and high degree of functionality.

The apartment was designed to host a family and thus it chose to employ a youthful and joyful ambiance rather than a minimalist one to make the space more diverse. The colors and textures add warmth and personality to the areas to complement the overall white ceiling and walls, while the floor brings a natural touch with dark wooden flooring.

The loft is decorated with artworks from different periods and styles to fit each space and the furniture itself is diverse, bringing color and new shapes into the mix. The apartment also has a large outdoor terrace and it offers a view of the surroundings. Access to this area is made through the open plan living room which integrates the dining area into the same space only separated by a central fireplace.



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