Contemporary Residence in Manhattan Beach

By : Mark V | 7 Oct 2011 11:40 pm | Homes

This residence is peculiar. It was built on an inclined site and due to this the structure had to fit the environment in which it was placed. All houses in this area had to pick a special design since the site doesn’t allow too many options when it comes to architectural structures.

Located in the southwestern beaches of Los Angeles County, California, USA, to be more precise-in Manhattan Beach, the residence can be noticed quite easily since the design is fabulous, being a model for the contemporary style. The Californian studio Rockefeller Partners Architects took care of the design of the residence-it was a challenge they couldn’t refuse, due to the special topography of the inclined site.

The residence stands out because it offers a lot of space to its inhabitants, it sits on a 4.500 sq ft lot. It keeps all its original design elements even if the house was completed in 2008.It didn’t even need any adjustments or renovations. It’s the ideal home for a small or medium family.

The roof is the main center of attraction since it seems to be entwined-it’s split into two parts that seem to hug one another. The modern touches can also be noticed since the ceiling glass walls create the idea of mixture. There is a part of the house that looks like a wooden box and this element creates a cozy atmosphere for its owners.


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