Contemporary home in Santa Monica, US

By : Mark V | 27 May 2015 9:12 am | Homes

The residence mainly keeps the previous 1920`s structure but it has been completely renovated with a  sustainable design in accordance with the LEED platinum guidelines. The small spaces that are found in the house are transformed so they can be used by the owner.

Every space is connected somehow with the outside and the design of the house promotes the idea of communicating with the neighbouring houses. The natural lighting, the boiler, the solar water heating , the rainwater that is collected with the help of an efficient system that is installed on the roof,the photovoltaic panels,all these features improve the idea of having a house that functions on a sustainable design strategy.

The house has some elements that were reused such as beams that were turned into benches and counters that served as fountains. The floor in the living room is made out of framing that was taken from a demolished factory while a counter was made from walnut slabs.

The history of the house is preserved and combined with the new innovations in architecture such as sustainable designs, elements of décor and materials that are eco friendly.

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