Contemporary German Apartment by Alexander Zenzura

By : Dennis Franklin | 30 Oct 2013 7:22 pm | Interiors

This contemporary apartment in Germany was created by the Russian designer Alexander Zenzura with a stunning semi-minimalist aesthetic that has clean and well defined lines which are combined with various textures to create a home which brings together ergonomics and beauty.

The living room has an open floor plan with natural ventilation and it features a grey sectional sofa with a lot of seats and it is continued through a balcony enclosed in glass to brighten the apartment and create a connection with the outdoors.

The palette uses mostly neutral tones to provide an elegant ambiance with a sleek white dining table and cabinets that make the interior seem very sophisticated. The bedroom maintains the same color scheme as the rest of the loft and it attracts the attention with the use of a glamorous chandelier.

A brighter color scheme is used in the children’s bedroom with yellow and blue combining with the neutral tones for a rich and joyous space.



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