Contemporary Chic by OLStudio

By : Dennis Franklin | 31 May 2013 10:21 am | Apartments

Located in the center of Moscow, Russia, this apartment, aptly named Contemporary Chic, was designed by Oxana Lichagina from the architectural and interior design practice of OLStudio.

Spread over a surface of 1937 square feet, this warm and tasteful space was designed for a young man with style and functionality as the main aims in mind.

The designers wished to provide a lasting aesthetic that will provide interest for a long time, rather than opt for the latest trends that will probably become obsolete in the near future. With these concepts, the materials they used are rough solid wood for the flooring and light silk for the wallpapers to emphasize the furnishings and provide a calm and diverse ambiance.

The same patterns are extended to the bedroom as well and the bathroom is quite remarkable with an opulent design that is quite original and full of color, maintaining some of the tones of the other rooms while also providing a different take of the aesthetic of the loft.



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