Contemporary Bangkok Residence by Architects DBLAP

By : Dennis Franklin | 13 Sep 2014 5:13 pm | Homes

The practice of Architects DBLAP designed this two floor residential project with a series of interconnected volumes that offer a great view of the beautiful green site in Bangkok, Thailand.

The home is structured around an inner courtyard which can be reached from all the rooms and the extensive use of glass surfaces permits the inhabitants to have a visual connection with the surroundings as well as filling the interior with natural light.

The open layout doesn’t hinder the need for privacy due to a horizontal white wall which protects the home from views in the street side of the façade and a covered exterior passage leads to the entrance of the house. The interior opens into the living room with elegant decorative elements which continues to the dining room and kitchen.

The main floor is where all the social areas have been placed, while the upper floor is dedicated to the private sections with a neutral color palette with a black and white marble wall for a great visual effect which is enhanced even further by the wooden floors and doors.


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