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By : Dennis Franklin | 11 Dec 2013 2:16 pm | Offices

Located in Avenida da Boavista, the most important avenue in Porto, Portugal, the new laboratory of Consexto was designed by them in a new space spreading over a single floor and featuring a glass façade with acoustic panels and mirrored and lacquered plate surfaces that connect the interior with the outdoors.

The interior had a height of nine meters and it was separated into three floors with each of them containing different services of the company. The first floor has a door with a biometric system opening to the shop and the product design area, the second floor gives access to a professional cinema room and a meeting table behind a moveable wall.

The third floor is where the offices are located and they offer support for meetings with the catalogue bookshelf being placed along the staircase to prepare the visitors for what to expect when they get up. The idea for the design was to offer a workspace and showroom with custom made products to interact with the latest technological solutions and provide a comfortable and efficient space.



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