Conjoined Media Towers with Retractable Facade for Middle East by REX

By : Dennis Franklin | 18 Apr 2014 3:58 pm | Skyscrapers

The REX architectural practice designed these twin towers for two sister media companies in the Middle East as a conjoined headquarters with an array of retractable sunshades inspired by the Mashrabiya  pattern (we have previously seen a similar design choice for the Al Bahr Towers here).

The towers are clad in stone and they are very thin with a façade that can become a blossoming shaded structure in only a few minutes. Each sunshade has a diameter of 15 meters and the designers hoped that their instant transformation would create a new iconography, “one that rejects the tired – and ephemeral – pursuit of being the tallest”.

The translucent exterior of the towers acts as an x-ray effect exposing the unique components to its surroundings and from afar the towers become a giant television screen which broadcasts the content of the companies in real time.

The offices will be stacked above the broadcast studios while the lower portion of the tower will host the common facilities such as an amphitheater, cafes, an agora, an auditorium, health club, gallery, theater etc.



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