Compact Bachelor Pad by M2 Project

By : Dennis Franklin | 9 Aug 2014 5:02 pm | Apartments

The M2 Project studio designed this bachelor pad in Moscow, Russia with a neutral gray color palette to set the masculine tone with only several touches of color that stand out to attract the attention on pieces like the carpet or the old posters.

The living room integrates a home office into a corner with a dark wood desk to bring a natural touch to the ambiance, while above the computer screen there are several cubbies mounted on the wall to offer extra storage space.

A small storage area is hidden behind sliding doors and the TV was mounted on the wall with a built-in shelf to host the accessories and decorative elements while still maintaining a minimalist look. The layout of the apartment is open with the kitchen placed in a corner to leave room for the dining space and lounge. The dining area acts as a transition zone between the living area and the kitchen with Baxton Studio Pascal retro chairs and a small round table.



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