Code Black Coffee by Zwei Interiors Architecture

By : Dennis Franklin | 25 Aug 2013 6:15 pm | Other

The Code Black Coffee is a place where all the parts of coffee making are found so that the building acts as a laboratory, a workshop and a hub for the coffee aficionados.

Located in Brunswick, Australia the project was designed by Zwei Interiors Architecture and due to its purpose the color palette has dark brown as the predominant color to give the impression of being surrounded by coffee.

The project has a roasting operation, is the headquarters for the administration of the company and it also hosts a public coffee outlet where the projects can be tried out and bought. The design structure is very transparent so that the idea of hierarchy isn’t present; the only ruler here is the coffee.

The entrance in the coffee outlet lets you see all the way to the back of the building where the 20kg roaster is located so that you immediately understand the purpose of the project. There are theatrical displays throughout and a lot of seats where you can enjoy a cup of coffee.



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