CocaCola Headquarters in Berlin by NPS Tchoban Voss

By : Dennis Franklin | 22 Aug 2014 7:11 pm | Offices

The Coca Cola Headquarters designed by the NPS Tchoban Voss architectural practice in 2013 is located on Stralauer Allee 4 in Berlin, Germany on the site of the former Osthafen and next to the River Spree, an area that has access to great public transport and is highly popular for its attractions.

The structure spreads over seven levels and its aesthetic adapts to the surrounding urban landscape but built with unique features and highest standards of design. The shape of the building is box-like with three similar facades and an open one toward the river acting as a gallery. The exterior has strip windows dividing the façades and they change positions at each level to create a dynamic pattern with ceramic red tones.

The interior is accessed through a double height lobby which leads to the conference rooms, canteen and to the upper floors. The office area has an open plan with the few single offices separated by glazing to maintain a visual connection and each level has a meeting space with video conferencing possibilities.



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