Cloister by Fabien Capello for Urban Office Monks

By : Mark V | 16 May 2015 6:08 am | Other

Fabien Capello is a London-based furniture designer that not only plays with ideas when it comes to the design of some project, he also plays with words. His latest project is entitled : Cloister and it`s a very interesting choice if we look at the etymology of the word.

”Cloister” derives from “Claustrum” that is the Latin word for barrier, fence or enclosure. It also functioned as a verb that means to isolate from the word. The architectural cloister could be found mostly in churches. Capello aimed for something else, with a different, all new design that changed concept and form. The location of this office is in Bloomber, London.

The dominant colour is a striking blue-this is the first element that you notice when you step in. There is also a fantastic seating structure that highlights the open office space. There is also a circular bench that redefines the space and it also encloses it.

There is a contrast when it comes to the pieces of the furniture that are found in the apartment. Although they do create a sense of privacy they also make the room seem open,being a plus for the work environment. The stroke of genius was the design of the rounded walls, giving a welcoming feeling to those who enter the office spaces.

Steel brackets were used to put together and hold the 95 wooden section. The circular bench was made from Bloomberg discarded pallet wood and as elements of décor stylish lamps that bear the signature of Fabien Capello were used. The lighting effects are thanks to the lamps that are different in design.


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