Click Clack Hotel by plan:B Arquitectos

By : Dennis Franklin | 9 Jul 2014 8:49 pm | Hotels & Spas

Located in Bogota, Columbia, the Click Clack Hotel provides contemporary hospitality standards with a beautiful modern design created by the plan:B Arquitectos practice in collaboration with Perceptual Studio.

The hotel has a truly impressive façade with a glazed surface to contrast the metallic mesh of the structure. The social areas feature a large green wall with a double height to bring a natural touch into the contemporary ambiance.

Connection between the two social areas is made through a simple yet imposing staircase and aside from the restaurant on the lower levels there is also a rooftop bar offering an overview of the urban surroundings.

The rooms come in several sizes ranging from S through M and L up to XL and they offer panoramic views of the surroundings through floor to ceiling windows as well as allowing light to pass inside through the pattern of the façade, all of it into a wonderful setting.



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