Clemenceau roof apartment by Nadim Karam & Atelier Hapsitus

By : Dennis Franklin | 5 Apr 2013 3:59 pm | Apartments

This modern roof apartment is located in Clemenceau, Beirut in Lebanon and was designed by the practice of Nadim Karam & Atelier Hapsitus offering a spacious interior with great views of the city and a pleasant ambiance.

The design takes its geometry from the curved wall that defines the living area from the private area and, aside from the private areas, the entire interior is surrounded by floor to ceiling panels of glass that make the space seem much larger and also provides a lot of natural light inside.

Some of the loft’s features were created specifically for this apartment such as the kitchen counter and the chimney to ensure a perfect fit. The apartment also has a large terrace that has several semi-covered areas to permit the residents to enjoy the sunny days and also provide a view toward the Sanayeh Garden, the mountains or the sea nearby. What’s more, the minimalist design is adorned with contemporary artworks that make it even more attractive and special.



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