City Hall in Quebec by Affleck de la Riva Architects

By : Dennis Franklin | 9 Sep 2014 9:18 pm | Other

The City Hall of Quebec, Canada moved into a historic convent built in 1881 after refurbishing it and adding a contemporary extension with the aid of the practice of Affleck de la Riva Architects.

The project serves as the city hall and municipal offices with an aesthetic that wishes to create a dialogue between the heritage structure and its contemporary addition. The extension hosts an entry lobby, an elevator and a glazed staircase.

The structure has a secondary entrance from the lateral street and this led to the need for the relocation of the parking spots to the back of the building to allow some room in front where a new garden could take place.

The historic part hosts a mansard roof, a wood gallery and several interlocking volumes with limestone masonry decorating the beautiful interiors. The vertical arrangement is in a spot where the bell-tower used to be and materials such as copper and slate have been combined with glass and aluminum.



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