Citrix Paris headquarters by Areq Sq

By : Dennis Franklin | 22 Sep 2015 5:25 pm | Offices

The IT firm Citrix redesigned one of their office buildings in the region of La Defense in Paris, France with the aid of the British design company Areq Sq and they provided a working platform adaptable to an environment that always changes.

Citrix made a research which predicts that organizations will reduce the office space by a fifth until 2020 and thus organizations will be forced to redesign the office spaces into places that are inspirational and encourage collaboration and creativity. Their new Paris headquarters tries to embody their predictions and their “workAnywhere” philosophy.

The designers tried to take their inspiration from a village town center and offer the same attractions, namely the town hall, the bus stops, the business area, the library, the playground and the parks to provide a space that encourages interaction. The building includes cafes, meeting rooms, a training area, quiet rooms and breakouts for staff that have football tables and PlayStation consoles, creating spaces where people could actually meet and exchange ideas or simply communicate with each other.



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