Cisco offices by Studio O+A

By : Dennis Franklin | 18 Mar 2016 2:35 am | Offices

The Cisco headquarters offices in San Francisco are designed by the local interior designers Studio O+A with octagonal timber gazebos as the main meeting spaces for the employees, offering an unconventional workspace that inspires and encourages creativity.

The technology company’s interior heeded an extension after they acquired the WiFi firm Meraki in November 2012 and the building in the Mission Bay neighborhood provided an 110000 square feet office space overlooking the waterfront.

The headquarters is spread over two floors and it maximizes the natural light inside with the communal areas designed according to the feedback which the staff gave. This survey showed that the employees preferred the older headquarters which were smaller and thus the designers used wood-frame pavilions partially enclosed with triangular panels to make the meetings more intimate.

There are padded niches in the timber clad walls where individuals can work and giant white and blackboards allow the employees to write down their ideas along with notes and memos. The materials and colors are very diverse and there are green electricity cables left exposed. The hallways are large enough for cycles or skateboards and a terrace on the roof offers a view across the San Francisco bay.



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