Circuit of The Americas by Miró Rivera Architects

By : Dennis Franklin | 2 Jul 2013 10:48 am | Other

The Circuit of The Americas is the first Formula 1 Grand Prix facility built specifically for this purpose in the United States and it was designed by the practice of Miro Rivera Architects in Austin, Texas.

The project includes an Observation Tower, a Grand Plaza, The Austin360 Amphitheater which has 6500 seats, the MainGrandstand, ticket buildings, concession areas and two bridges above the tracks.

The track has a length of 3.4 miles and the designers focused on dynamism and precision as the main themes of their project so that they tried to stimulate the visitors by allowing the structural systems to remain visible and become a part of the design, giving the whole Circuit an industrial aesthetic.

The 251 feet Observation Tower is the central element of the complex being the reference point for the spectators and hosting a platform for up to 75 people with glass railings and a glass floor. The Amphitheater is the largest outdoor one in Central Texas and is planned to host other entertainment events as well, such as music concerts.

The 27 acre Grand Plaza is placed in the heart of the circuit and thus it defines the experience which the visitors will have. There is a reflecting pool of almost 16000 square feet at one end and the tower and amphitheater are at the other end. The plaza also hosts various landscaped areas to define the areas of activities and there are is also a promenade on the north side with concessions, retail areas, restrooms and the Turn 15 Grandstands.



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