Circle by Ganna Design

By : Dennis Franklin | 1 Oct 2014 2:00 pm | Apartments

Called simply Circle, this original contemporary apartment is located on the 15th floor of a residential building in Taoyuan, Taiwan and it was designed by the Ganna Design studio with an open plan that integrates the living area, dining zones and home study into a single space.

The project spreads over a surface of 126 square meters and is inhabited by a family of four featuring several furniture elements designed specifically for this project to increase the overall efficiency as well as the ambiance due to the colors and textures that were carefully chosen.

The living area has a large bench which ensures a good view of the surroundings and can serve multiple purposes. The lounge zone is separated from the bench space through an elevated area made of marble which brings an additional texture into the mix while also defining each zone and serving as a support for the TV and as a storage unit of the other side.

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