China Wood Sculpture Museum by MAD Architects

By : Dennis Franklin | 30 May 2015 10:30 pm | Museums

We have seen several other works by the famous practice of MAD Architects and they always seem to find a way to amaze and astound with their original and gorgeous designs. This time we will focus our attention on the China Wood Sculpture Museum they designed in the city of Harbin, China with a polished steel structure that reflects its surroundings and provides a futuristic shape worthy of a science fiction movie.

Located in one of the fastest expanding regional hubs in the northern China, this project is one of the three cultural buildings the MAD Architects were commissioned to design. The main influence for the project is the winter landscape in the region which the designers want to contrast with the speed and comfort of the daily lives. The entire structure is 200 meters long and its twisting shape is reminiscent of a frozen fluid.

The interior allows the uninterrupted flow between two main exhibition spaces with the entrance and the building’s center and the curved walls open to the skylights on the ceiling to provide natural light.



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