Childcare Centre Maria Enzersdorf by MAGK illiz

By : Dennis Franklin | 31 May 2015 10:39 am | Education, Urban

The south region of Vienna issued a competition in 2008 for the creation of a new child care centre due to the increased birth rate and the project involved the extension of the 19th century “Grunderzeit” school by the addition of eight primary school classes, an after-school care club and a kindergarten equipped with a kitchen.

The project was won by the MAGK illiz association of architects and their project proposed a breaking up of the structure into L-shaped bodies interlaced so that they can create new playgrounds and learning spaces through their design.

The building’s façade is created through the joining of patterns similar to pixels and the exterior view tries to enhance the importance that each section has to the whole. The surface also offers alternating textures, smooth and rough plaster to make the building seem livelier and the interiors provide a milder contrast with a varied design and distinct colors according to the activity of each area.

A routing system was implemented so that the children can easily find their way towards the functional areas and the building received a new school entrance which also became the assembly hall and which links the school with the new building.

The entire new structure was designed to provide the highest ease and comfort possible and also reduce the operating costs as much as possible, through innovations in the ventilation system, thus becoming one of the largest childcare centers in the Lower Austria.



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