Chichester Festival Theatre by Haworth Tompkins

By : Dennis Franklin | 4 Aug 2014 5:24 pm | Other

The Chichester Festival Theater is a Grade 2 listed building located in Oaklands Park, Chichester, West Sussex, UK and it was recently renovated by the architectural practice of Haworth Tompkins to incorporate the remodeled auditorium, better parkland setting and larger spaces in the foyer as well as a back extension.

The original structure was created in 1962 by the architects Powell and Moya with a commission from Leslie Evershed Martin as a summer festival venue inspired by the Festival Theater in Stratford Ontario. The project might not stand out today but when it was conceived it was truly visionary with cantilevered concrete parts and a cable tied roof, although the following extensions and modifications reduced its unitary concept.

The theater has a new café extension and from it the stair can be accessed with an open layout that brings abundant natural light into the foyer. There are two new passenger elevators to improve circulation and the refurbishment implemented improved heating and cooling systems.



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