Chic Apartment by Natalia Akimov

By : Dennis Franklin | 26 Jan 2014 5:52 pm | Apartments

This wonderful modern apartment was designed by the Russian artist Natalia Akimov with a sequence of contrasting white and black surfaces defining the interior to make each space more interesting and elegant.
The interior seems modest but each accessory, pattern or decorative element was chosen to increase the sense of being home and to add comfort to the ambiance rather than just try to impress the visitors through flashy but tiring design choices.
The entire apartment is decorated in black and white, with just bare touches of color such as the flowery wallpaper on the hallway or in the wardrobe. The apartment has a very modern kitchen, a living room and a bedroom offering a lot of space for a single person.
The flooring is made of bright wood and there are soft fabrics which contribute to the feeling of being at home in a manner similar to that which we find in the typical Scandinavian design.



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