Chic apartment in Madrid by Soler-Roig Eugenia

By : Mark V | 22 Jan 2013 10:44 pm | Apartments, Interiors

This apartment from Madrid was redesigned by the Mexican interior designer Soler-Roig Eugenia and transformed into a classy and warm home.

The place was given a lot more integrity and is focused on someone with a lot of friends to have over either for parties or for more official business. The living room is continued by a lounge that includes several pieces by important designers thus giving it a lot of individuality and taste.

The whole apartment allows plenty of light and has a lot of space, giving the illusion of being even larger by the use of a mirror wall. The furniture and carpets give it a warmth and diversity, each room having a well-planned ambiance. The artworks and antiques adorn the suite with the air of timelessness and fit right in with the rest of the more contemporary pieces.

Decorated with Asian floral motives the bathroom also works with the illusion of space through the use of mirrors. Turning the apartment into a new experience, the designer manages to combine a lot of good ideas into each room and make them all worthy of admiration.


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