Chester Street Apartment by Alexander Lotersztain

By : Dennis Franklin | 21 Dec 2013 5:53 pm | Apartments

The Chester Street Apartment is located in Brisbane, Australia and it was designed by Alexander Lotersztain from the Derlot studio with a vibrant contemporary style that tries to ensure a constant connection between the interior and the beautiful city skyline outside.

Since the weather in the region is very favorable and the surroundings are wonderful, the designers wanted to use this to their advantage and the refurbishment covered a custom design of the kitchen, amenities and joinery so that the apartment has its own personality. The materials come from local manufacturers and ensure elegant design as well as sustainability.

The bright white tone on the ceiling, flooring and walls improves the light indoors and with the aid of floor to ceiling windows on both sides, the loft seems much more spacious. The kitchen, laundry and bathroom were integrated into the open spaces and they can be concealed through sliding joineries to provide functionality without reducing the visual comfort and intimacy.



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