Cheering Restaurant by H&P Architects

By : Dennis Franklin | 12 Jan 2015 10:00 pm | Restaurants & Bars

The Cheering Restaurant is a project created by the H&P Architects practice with a design that is inspired from the ancient trees present through the Hoan Kiem district in the ancient city of Hanoi, Vietnam.

The restaurant has a total floor area of 1000 square meters and its main structure is defined by the large wooden canopy sheltering the interior and at the same time creating a continuation of the areas from a dining area to the next.

The timber beams are also organizing the interior layout and offer sufficient sun in a region that is usually quite hot. The center of the canopy is equipped with a spraying system connected to the rainwater collection tank to cool the air inside.

The designers combined modern building techniques with vernacular elements since this is the best choice for a local which offers authentic Vietnamese cuisine right in the center of the old city.


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