Chalet Solais by Sir Norman Foster and Callender Howarth

By : Dennis Franklin | 1 Oct 2015 5:50 pm | Homes

The luxurious Chalet Solais was designed by the architect Sir Norman Foster in collaboration with the Callender Howarth interior design studio and it is located in Villars, Switzerland.

The project took three years to complete after which the interior design began led by Callender Howarth and the end result is a spacious chalet with a relaxing interior and a façade which blends in very well with the surroundings without aiming to attract too much attention.

The owners wished to have their dream chalet where they could retreat to rest after skiing and thus once they found the spot they wished they contacted their friend Sir Norman Foster and during a dinner they planned the concept for the chalet.

The structure is quite simple on the exterior but inside it offers the latest gadgets and has its own home cinema with the living quarters spread over three floors with an open plan. The interior features a bespoke chandelier designed by George Singer above the dining table and a fireplace warms up the living area to complete the cozy ambiance.



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