Chalet Lac Gate by BOOM TOWN

By : Dennis Franklin | 18 Oct 2014 12:39 pm | Homes

The Chalet Lac Gate is on the shore of the Gate Lake located in Garrington, Quebec, Canada and it was designed by the architect Eric Joseph Tremblay from the BOOM TOWN practice near a mature cedar wooded area that ensure a stunning natural setting for the home.

The site is sloping and the roofs follow the slope to minimize the volume so that the house would integrate better into the landscape. The residence is spread over two floors and the main entrance is at the upper one so you must go through a covered outdoor portico to reach it.

The living areas are on the lower floor to permit an opening to the land through the sliding doors and to the lake as well. The master bedroom features a large terrace that provides an overview of the lake with abundant natural light coming inside through the large windows.

The exterior façade is made of stones combined with cedar wood, which are the two main materials found on the site as well, while the roof was covered in zing with a steel finish.


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