Chalet Lac Champlain by Boom Town

By : Dennis Franklin | 8 Nov 2014 4:27 pm | Homes

The Chalet Lac Champlain takes its name from the nearby Lake Champlain in Quebec, Canada a few meters away from the American border at the Philipsburg Bird Sanctuary and it was designed by the Boom Town architectural practice to integrate with the luxurious vegetation of the region.

The nearby landscape has two plateaus that are separated by a sheer cliff and a slope descending to the lake offering a view toward the west. The structure resembles an observation post with a bright and open layout which spreads over three floors.

The large sliding doors ensure a connection with the outdoors and the windows are large to illuminate the interior while also framing the vegetation. The upper level contains two large terraces toward the south that permit a direct access to the surroundings while also segmenting the volumes to clearly define the south, north and central parts, a layout that was accentuated through the variation of colors and wood coverings.


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