Centre for Virtual Engineering ZVE by UNStudio

By : Dennis Franklin | 30 Mar 2013 6:07 pm | Education

The Fraunhofer Institute, with their research campus located in Stuttgart Vaihingen, one of the most important research institutes in the world needs its work spaces to be not only the places where work happens and is carried out, but also places that provide inspiration, even originality and push the inhabitants to try out new things.

The practice of UNStudio took into consideration all of these ideas and tried to use all the information available on the area of expanding working environments and pushing them to become more, by stimulating communication, experimentation and creativity and gave shape to their data through the Centre for Virtual Engineering ZVE.

This building incorporates all the eco-friendly features they could fit in, and is also a model for the way architecture can improve the working environment. The UNStudio also collaborated with Asplan on the architectural services for the center and they took care of the development of the construction documents and site supervision.

The building combines laboratories and other research functions with public exhibitions and scenographic visitor routing with different colors to distinguish the various programmatic elements.



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