Central Park West Penthouse by Foley Fiore Architecture

By : Dennis Franklin | 30 May 2014 6:26 pm | Apartments

The Foley Fiore Architecture practice designed the Central Park West Penthouse in Manhattan, New York City hidden underneath the curved mansard roof in a landmark building.

The apartment was created by the former owner out of storage rooms to provide a single bedroom with extra unused space in the decorative turret of the building. The renovation focused on opening the project to allow a better integration of the living spaces while also offering sufficient private spaces to host a young family and their two teenage children.

The apartment opens to a small interior garden which integrates with the kitchen and living spaces and the mansard roof is supported by a steel structure which was left exposed to add an industrial twist which brings the space closer to contemporary aesthetic. The location offers a great view toward Central Park and this was taken advantage of through the glass doors of the master bedroom and living area.



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