Central London Flat by VW+BS

By : Dennis Franklin | 26 Sep 2013 9:33 am | Apartments

Designed by the VW+BS architectural practice, the Central London Flat is a space in which an extended family of several generations from South East Asia resides and they visit the city often due to either work or just for pleasure.

The loft might host two families at the same time or just one or two persons so the space needed to be highly flexible and able to accommodate various functions with a contemporary minimalist design. The designers tried to bring the first floor back to its original size for the three arched French windows to be restored and give access to the terrace overlooking the street with iron railings.

The height of the space allowed an extra mezzanine bedroom which could become a study standing above the kitchen and closed with a translucent folding screen to open toward the living space and the staircase which links the two.

The decorations are very elegant and the interior finishes are simple using oak doors, white plaster walls and a predominantly neutral palette which makes the space bright and cozy.



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