Cedar Park House by Peter Cohan

By : Dennis Franklin | 11 Oct 2014 11:57 am | Homes

The Cedar Park House located in Seattle, Washington was designed by the architect Peter Cohan on a steep site that provided a great view while also collecting the water that could destabilize the slope so that it is strengthened, and all this with a minimal amount of energy.

The concrete walls of the structure were cast on site and they define the main outdoor and indoor areas, improving the connection between the two. The walls form a Y shape that opens to the east and they act as a measurement instrument for the slope of the site, growing at a height of eleven feet at the entrance.

The slope was susceptible to landslides due to the water and thus the roofs collect the water and redirect it to the street. There are two roof shapes, the western one allowing water to drain naturally, while the eastern one has the shape of an inverted gable that deposits the water into three cisterns for flushing toilets, laundry and watering the gardens.


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