Castle Rock Beach House by Herbst Architects

By : Dennis Franklin | 13 Feb 2015 5:52 pm | Homes

The Castle Rock Beach House located in Auckland, New Zealand is a residential project designed by the practice of Herbst Architects in 2014 on a hill site that offers a platform facing the sea to the south and a mountain to the north.

The landscape is enriched by a mature Pohutukawa tree and a watercourse along the eastern edge, so the beautiful surroundings had to be integrated into the design. Since the house is a holiday home usually inhabited during the summertime, the designers made a very open layout with the boatshed and garage integrated.

The building is described by the designers as an attempt to reference “the nostalgia surrounding the Kiwi bach by manipulating scale, form, relationships, materiality and limitation of amenity.” The scale of the structure was reduced through its separation into two main components that contain the different functions.

The living pavilion has four spaces arranged in a pinwheel setting comprised of the kitchen, lounge and two covered decks, while the lower level is accessed through a staircase that continues the axis of the rock formation at the base of the slope to connect with the beach.


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