Case by Jun Igarashi Architects

By : Dennis Franklin | 17 Feb 2014 7:43 pm | Homes

Located in the suburb of Sapporo, Japan, the Case is a residential project designed by the practice of Jun Igarashi Architects with a simple geometry that integrates well into the suburban landscape and placed on a site that has a height difference between the road so that it allows a good overview of the surroundings.

The project has a footprint determined by the sloping site and the building coverage, offering a long corridor at the entrance acting as a buffer zone and leading the rest of the areas. The façade has a simple square geometry with windows allowing a glimpse of the interior and a white color, whereas the interior employs a complex array of stairs and levels to create and connect the various areas.

The high ceilings allow sufficient space for several levels with wooden planks separating them and they contain a home office area and a children’s play area while also offering an overview of the lounge section.




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