Casa Vogue by Alessandro Sartore

By : Dennis Franklin | 11 Dec 2014 1:30 am | Homes

Casa Vogue is a residential project designed by the architect Alessandro Sartore to integrate into the natural landscape of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil with the plants allowed to pass through the structure and thus bring more texture into the living areas.

The project was designed for a dentist and art collector who wanted a house that had some of the characteristics of a showroom but with the warmth of a family retreat instead of the magazine cover look that is sometimes too impersonal.

The tree in the middle of the living room is a large mango called Bethany and it passes through a hole in the floor slab with a diameter of three meters. The tree was the inspirational element that determined the entire layout of the house with its shading and ventilation.

There is another tree in the garage and the glass walls with the skylight for the tree ensured sufficient natural ventilation even for the warm climate of the region.


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