Casa Veronica by Longhi Architects

By : Dennis Franklin | 25 Jan 2014 11:18 am | Featured, Homes

The practice of Longhi Architects designed this impressive residential project called Casa Veronica close to the beach in Pucusana, Lima, Peru offering a stunning deconstructivist design integrating the rocky landscape into the structure of the house creating a symbiosis between the architecture and the raw rocks.

The house opens to a terrace with a swimming pool of almost 40 meters in length and this is the social area of the house, carved into the hill and with glass enclosures so that all partitions end up on the north side to integrate the living room, kitchen and terrace together.

The designers used landscape elements to integrate with the surroundings so that the resulting project is a balance between the natural and the artificial. The private areas are placed in the two levels above the terrace to offer a view of the beach and surrounding landscape.

The interior uses exposed concrete in some areas to add an industrial tone in the ambiance, shihuahuaco wood on the balconies and terraces, polished granite with a color similar to that of the rock and white painted walls and ceilings with glass surfaces to connect with the surroundings.



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