Casa Ventura M22 by ESTUDIO 30 51

By : Dennis Franklin | 11 Feb 2015 12:21 am | Homes

The Casa Ventura M22 located in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil was designed by the ESTUDIO 30 51 as a five bedroom family residence for a couple and their three children.

The living room is the core of the house and it interacts with all the other areas and the layout is spread over two levels. The ground floor contains a front balcony integrated with the living and dining room that also leads to the kitchen, barbecue area, garden and spa to the back side.

The upper floor is accessed via a cantilevered staircase set in the exposed concrete wall with a central void dividing the master bedroom to the front from the large balcony and children’s bedroom to the back of the house.

The exterior geometry is comprised of a white prism intersected by a volume made of bricks and there is an additional exposed concrete wall for the ladder and one for a pergola that also protects the vehicles from the elements.


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