Casa Sierra Leona by Jose Juan Rivera Rio

By : Dennis Franklin | 11 Sep 2014 8:33 pm | Homes

Casa Sierra Leona was designed in 2014 by the architectural practice of Jose Juan Rivera Rio with a contemporary aesthetic that integrates the structure into the natural setting located in a residential area on the outskirts of Mexico in the Lomas de Chapultepec colonia.

The residence is two and a half meters above the street level and it sits in the center of the site to leave room for a courtyard in its front and to a garden in the back. The geometry of the home is simple and efficient, featuring an extensive glazed backside and flat roofs that connect the courtyard with the garden.

The predominant materials are concrete, glass and steel with an aesthetic style inspired from the modernist architecture of the 1960s with a layout spread over two levels and a basement which can be accessed from the street since it connects to the parking lot. The upper floors can be reached via a platform with a staircase and the entire house is integrated into the landscape with vegetation covering parts of the home.


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