Casa RO Tapalpa by Elias Rizo and Alejandro Rizo

By : Dennis Franklin | 10 Jan 2015 1:07 pm | Homes

The Casa RO Tapalpa is a weekend retreat located close to Tapalpa, Mexico and it was designed by the architects Elias Rizo and Alejandro Rizo to integrate well into the beautiful natural setting of the Sierra Madres while also offering a contemporary aesthetic to the inhabitants instead of the typical rustic elements which are employed in such cases.

The privacy provided by the forest allowed extensive use of glazed surfaces for natural light and a dialogue with the landscape. The materials used are wood and glass to blend into the surroundings with the other walls made of flint-stone walls to protect the private section of the home and clearly define it.

The region has a high humidity during the rainy season and the slanted roof with long eaves proved to be the best solution for this problem with red clay tiles protecting the home from rain. The interior has extensive wooden surfaces for a cozy ambiance with a fireplace in the living area and a terrace accessible through the sliding doors to reach the barbeque area.


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