Casa Q by Longhi Architects

By : Dennis Franklin | 4 Mar 2014 8:38 pm | Homes

Casa Q is a residential project designed by the practice of Longhi Architects among the dunes of the desert that offer a unique natural setting for the house in one of the areas of the Beach Club Misterio, which is located on a linear layout at a distance of 117 kilometers south of Lima in Peru.

The tranquil surroundings determined the designers to create a seemingly floating house with all the amenities needed for a future family. Circular columns support the building and they were placed in a seemingly random pattern instead of in a grid with sliding glass panels between them to define the social areas of the interior.

The living and dining area were integrated together and they extend to the terrace via the glass panels while the rest of the house is secluded at the back side of the house to allow a visual contrast with the large volume of water in front that offers a great place for a swim.



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